Be the BEST You

Today was a SNOW DAY!!!!    I never appreciated a snow day until I started working at Heartland Christian!   I homeschooled, and worked from home, so everyday was like a snow day!   But now, I get why teachers get so pumped for the next day off!!   I would rather have pool weather than snow, but I’ll take a day off where I can!!!    My clients come to me, so I can’t really declare a snow day if they still want to drive.   So right now, I have a client sitting under the dryer with color on her hair!   Good thing I love my clients 🙂

I hope this blog post will motivate you because I feel like I just came out of a season where I wasn’t highly motivated!   Last year was a FANTASTIC year for me.  I set goals, I reached them, I surpassed them, I began to love myself, I drew closer to God, and I just felt really good about my life and who I was.  I spent last year working on me!  It’s something I had never done for myself, and so I dove in head first and started to be selfish about taking care of me!  I took a trip to Florida to see my best friend, I spent many evenings away from kids thanks to an amazing girl named Kolaiah!!  I asked for help a little bit more, and I had decided that I worked hard for my money, and I was going to use my money in ways that brought me joy!  Towards the end of the year though, I got sick a few times really close together, and it threw me off course, to say the least.   I took a lot of sick days from the salon, so business piled up.  The holidays came, and with the month of December came a lot of work, and a lot of stress.   I was also in a new relationship, and I really enjoyed spending time with him, so I gave up some time doing things for me in order to fulfill the rest of life’s duties!

We will all go through seasons where we aren’t able to give ourselves as much as we should, but it’s important to be very aware of our mental health.    I wasn’t.  November, December, and January came and went.   I stopped working out, my eating started to slip back into my old ways, and I just didn’t have the energy.  I started staying up late, watching too much Netflix, snapping at my kids, and I just wasn’t happy with myself. My health wasn’t great, I kept getting sick, and I got headaches all the time.   In my mind, I knew what I had to do, I just kept choosing not to.   I would text my way to sleep instead of spending time in prayer.  I would binge eat to a new fav series on Netflix instead of tidy up the house before bed.   I’d come home after school and watch Netflix instead of running.  I’d  been feeling like I lost control of my myself, and decided I HAD to do something about it!


For me, working out and running is my fuel.  It clears my head, grounds me, keeps me close to God, and makes me feel amazing.    So that’s step 1.    I got back to the gym!!  When I workout, I want to eat healthier, cause otherwise you feel like you wasted your time sweatin your butt off.  When I eat healthier, I have more energy, my mind isn’t as foggy, and I sleep better!   When I sleep better, I wake up early, am more productive, and more organized, so my days go smoother!   When our days are smooth, I have more patience with my kids, I feel peace, and I’m a much happier person to be around.   You’re starting to get the point here, right?    When all of these things fall into place, I am able to take care of myself again. I manage my time wisely, so I can take an evening off and get a sitter.  I can nurture my friendships better and show more love to my kids.         This is all because I choose to do one thing I love and that is good for me.    And I do it consistently.


Working out may not be your thing.  But you have a thing!  My thing, this health thing,  helps me be the best me. And I’m so worth it.   You are so worth it.  As moms, and wifes, or grandmas, or employees, whatever your title in life may be at this point, we have a tendency to let life pass us by.   We let the burdens and busyness of life keep us from entering into a life of contentment and joy!  It’s easy to take care of everyone else first, and put ourselves on the back burner because that’s what women do, right?  We sacrifice ourselves for our families and our jobs. We work hard all day long, and go to bed sad and discouraged!   My kids deserve so much more!  I deserve so much more!  God deserves so much more from us!

I’m challenging you to take a look at yourself in the mirror.   Not the physical that you see.   But the internal.  If you look in the mirror and see a tired mom who is lacking friendships and struggling to see your purpose in life, it’s probably because you haven’t been putting yourself first.      Whatever it is that you enjoy, or that brings you confidence, or peace.  Set time aside for those things (as long as they are healthy things 😮).   Make them a priority!  Make yourself a priority.  And I guarantee, everyone that is your priority will feel more cared for than ever when you are the best you!!

I’m praying for everyone who reads this blog, that the Lord will reveal to you what he has already put in your heart!  That he will work in your favor to provide the time and resources to be able to pursue the things that bring you joy!  May you trust in Him to bring joy and contentment to your life!

God bless you all!!!!

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