Quarter Past 2017

Ahhh Spring!!

Who doesn’t feel joy just thinking about sleeping with your windows cracked open?

The sight of green peeking through the dirt, reminding us new life is springing forth!

The smell of dinner on the grill drifting through the neighborhood!

Children outside playing, laughing, and dreaming of what they’ve missed out on for the last 4 months.

And if you’re anything like me, purging…..cleaning closets…..getting rid of the junk from the past year that is just taking up space.  It feels SOOOO good to get organized and feel in control of your home, even if it is just a closet!

I’m feeling very behind this year though.  Usually I’ve got plans as to how and when I will start each plant in my garden.  Usually have some seedlings soaking up the sun in my kitchen, and taking full advantage of these nice days by working in the yard.  This year seems so different though.  While I want a garden and a pretty yard, I’ve realized how much time I give to all these projects every year.  They are very time consuming. Rewarding, and something that I truly enjoy, but I wonder sometimes if it’s just too much.

I realized the other day that we are almost 1/4 of the way through 2017. That sounds impossible.  But it’s true.  By the end of the month I’ll be gearing up to pay my quarterly taxes.  And I’m sure my fellow business owners see life much the same, every year is split into 4.  Just like our school year.  We are enjoying a 4 DAY WEEKEND to celebrate making it through another quarter of school!!!  Whoop!  One more quarter to go!  My oldest son and I have been discussing how great it is to have a clean slate. Another chance to start fresh. Another chance to do better than before!  As I look forward to April, I can’t help but think of it as a fresh start.  We are entering the 2nd quarter of 2017! I don’t know why, but that makes me feel excited.  Like the first quarter has passed.  A new beginning!

I’ve already failed at much this year though.  I set some goals, and I haven’t really followed through with many of them. So I decided to sit down and take inventory of my goals.  I added a few that didn’t seem so important 3 months ago, and I crossed off a few that are just going to keep me busier than I need to be.   One thing I know though, enjoying life with my loved ones got added to the top of that list.  I’m adjusting my priorities this spring and summer!  I  am gonna save $$$ where I can so that we can take more road trips, spend more time with friends, and create awesome memories.

We can’t take our gardens to Heaven.  We won’t remember how much we owed on our van when we leave this beautiful land.  The size of our house or the contents of it won’t be remembered.  No one will care that I never seeded the patches of dirt left behind from boys playing soccer in the back yard.

I’m determined to spend time enjoying my children.  I’m ready to make new friends, spend lots of time with old friends!  Swim all day without a care in the world!  Pack up the van and go camping for the weekend!  Visit friends in the mountains of Colorado!  Girl time in the backyard over a glass of wine and a bonfire!  Spend time loving the people I care about.

Challenge yourself to assess what wastes your time in life.  And maybe think about cutting some of it out.  These past few months I wondered why I never found time to spend with God.  When I turned off Netflix, there He was, waiting for me.                       Life’s too short to mow my grass twice a week this year!  And believe me, if you come over and the sun is shining, my pool will be clear but the dishes will be dirty.  Better yet, bring paper plates and something to grill, and we will enjoy life together!


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