About Me

img_1673My name is Crystal.  I am a mother of 3 beautiful boys who add so much joy to my life.  D is 12, M is 6, and T is 4!   I run a salon out of my home, Divine Beauty, and have done hair for 12 years now!  My newest venture in life is working part-time in the office at my boys’ school in order to provide them with a Christian education!  Health and fitness are a huge part of my life as well!  In 2016, I ran my first half-marathon, and have many more races and goals I’d like to accomplish!   We try to eat very clean and stay away from a lot of chemicals in our home!  We love the outdoors, swimming, hiking, gardening, and just enjoying this beautiful world that God created for us!

As you can see, I have a lot of passions in life, but my biggest passion is my love for Christ!  I have seen a lot of heartache in my life, and made many mistakes, but the one thing that has stayed true in my life is that God loves me even in my most broken times. I’m still broken.  But I’ve learned these past few years how beautifully broken I really am!  I pray that my stories and thoughts may help you find the beauty amidst  your brokenness, cause let’s face it, we are all broken in some way!!   I’m not a writer, my words are not eloquent, but I’ve got a great story.  A story that I am ready to share!